The Secret to Grout Cleaning

Recently, we were hired to do a grout cleaning in Marlboro, NJ. The key to a successful grout cleaning job is not only the attention to detail in the cleaning, but sealer we use as well. The reason for this is simple; Grout is pourous. This means that even after an extensive cleaning, it will…

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Save Money with The Grout Man!

One of the messages The Grout Man tries to relay to our customers is that be using our services, we can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on having to retile your bathroom, kitchen, floor or any other tiled surface. Here are a few jobs that The Grout Man has been awarded…

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Website Complete

In an effort to get our business moving forward, we have designed and made public our brand new website.  www.njgroutman.com is now live and although the first few pages do not have much content, you can rest assured that we will be bringing you much more information about Grout, Tile, bathroom and kitchen restoration. Thanks…

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