How do you know when it’s time for a regrout?

There are normally three reasons why somebody would like to re-grout their shower. One reason could be that it’s very discolored and they would like it to look brand new again and the other reason could be that they are missing a whole lot of grout and they want to try to prevent a leak. the third reason is that they just ignored it way too long and now they have a leak into their dining room or kitchen and the plumber is telling them that this is not a pipe that it’s some kind of a grout issue. 

If all it is is discoloration then chances are you probably don’t have any loose tiles and your wall is still intact. If that’s the case then we just have to take out the old grout and the old caulk clean up your tiles and put the new grout in and the new caulk and your shower looks brand new again. we leave you with all the tools you need to maintain your shower so this does not happen again

However if the problem is a little more serious than discoloration and you have cracked grout or missing grout or if you have some kind of a leak, then you might have bigger problems. It’s very possible that tiles could possibly be loose. Your wall could even be damaged and we might have to actually take out several tiles and a piece of your wall. if you don’t have any spare tiles then you might have to use a tile that might not match the rest of your shower. Not to mention that the price goes way up when you  do tile repair work. 

It’s very easy to know when it’s time to re-grout your shower. If you start to have little holes, water is getting behind your wall. If you wanted to cost several hundred and not several thousand dollars, your best bet would be once you see little holes re-grout your shower immediately. Don’t wait until a bunch of grout came out because you could be a much bigger trouble and you might have to possibly rip out part or your whole shower .

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