How to clean your shower

I get asked this question almost every day And there’s no simple answer. There are two things you can do. The easiest is use bleach products like Clorox Clean-Up. It should get a lot of your black staining out It will normally get rid of The orange that you normally get from the rust in the water. It will also make your tub look brand new if it’s a newer tub. The downside to using bleach products is that it does deteriorate your grout over time. But don’t worry it’s not going to do it overnight It might take 10-20 years until you start getting holes and you need to regrout. It will also damage the caulk a little quicker than it should have lasted . The normal life of caulk should be 5-7 years but if you use bleach products you’re probably looking at about 3-5 years. And then over time the bleach products can damage your tub or shower pan It can take the protective coat right off of it. There are some pros and some cons with using bleach products. The other solution is to seal your grout and use non-toxic products. On the bottle of grout sealer it does say that it will last20 years some of them say 25 years some of them say it’s going to last a lifetime But that’s never true. Grout sealers are water-based And if you use it in a shower it should be reapplied every year to prevent discoloration . If you are going to seal it then you can’t use any toxic chemicals because that will damage the sealer. You should use like method or simple green some kind of eco-friendly type product. A lot of times you got to use a little more elbow grease when you’re cleaning with those types of products but the sealer will make it easier for you. If you clean with these non-toxic products Your grout will not deteriorate you will never need a regrout You’re caulk will last a whole lot longer The protective coat on your tub will probably last forever. But it is a whole lot more labor . So as you can see there are pros and cons with each method of cleaning. It all depends on what suits your lifestyle best 

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