What happens if you have a big gap between the tub and the tiles

Here is a job that we recently completed in  Monmouth county. If you notice the gap is really huge on this tub and the reason why that’s not a good thing is because caulk or grout is not supposed to be in a gap that big and with the movement of the tub it’s very easy for the caulk to crack and for you to have problems with it.  The only thing you could do in a situation like that is to keep recaulking it You will probably have to do this every year or maybe 2 years. The other alternative is to actually take the tiles off of the bottom row and put a bigger tile that probably won’t match but it will go down to the tub and you’ll have a nice thin caulk line And then you won’t have to worry about it for 5-10 years.  But if you ever get holes in your caulk like this, It’s very important that you address it immediately because if you don’t then water could leak into your ceiling and you could end up with a big problem and have to repaint your whole ceiling. 
So if you have something like this your best bet would be to call the grout man and we can come out and assess the situation and give you your options and pricing 

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