Why do most of our customers go for the color sealer?

Grout is very porous. It’s like your skin it has pores. The dirt has been inside of the pores of the grout for sometimes And some people’s houses over 20 years. With our grout cleaning process we will definitely get all of the dirt out of the grout joint But there could be a stain left behind. Almost like if I took my white grout man shirt throw it in a bucket of mud and keep it there for 20 years and then I put it in the washing machine and I can put any chemical that you would like in there, there is no way that my shirt will come out as white as it was when I first bought it. 

So for that reason most of the time when we do our grout cleaning, it comes out looking a whole lot better .But it’s going to look spotty . Some spots might look brand new. while other spots might not look like we even touched it. so after we clean your grout we have you take a look at it and we give you two choices.Let’s just say it came out looking brand spanking new , then we will go ahead and put a clear sealer on it. The clear sealer will protect it for some time and it won’t change the look of your grout at all.But let’s say on the other hand after we cleaned your grout it looks spotty or perhaps it looks like we didn’t even do anything to your grout. In that case we have a sealer with a dye inside of it that penetrates into your grout . The color stain makes it look brand new like the day it was installed. We have a variety of colors to choose from and we could even put several samples down before you choose what color is best for you.

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